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Why should anyone use twitter?

Those of you who are familiar with social networking sites such as myspace or facebook should know all about status updates. You’ll recognize updates like, “Steve Urkle is wondering if he really did do that” or “Brad DeLoatche is going camping”.

Well, twitter is this function alone. You can subscribe or “follow” any user’s updates.

Q: I understand what twitter is, but if these other sites already have a twitter function, why should I use twitter?

A: Most of your friends on these sites aren’t scratching the surface of this potentially great feature. Users of twitter are making the most of it.

Most people who use the status updaters on myspace or facebook fill it with mostly useless information about what they are doing. The most active and most followed users on twitter are those who consistently share quality links or news of a common theme.

For example, if you were to follow engadget, you would get technology updates. If you were to follow coldplay, you would get updates from the band.

So, in addition to following friends of whom you are interested in what they are doing, you can follow your heroes, your news sources, and your colleagues.

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