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I Want To Be Remembered

Life goals are a pretty interesting topic for discussion. You can learn a lot about a person in a very short time just by listening to them talk about their aspirations.

Goals vs Fantasies

More and more, I notice people saying things like, “I want be a rock star, pro athlete, american idol, actor, politician, etc… you know, live the American Dream!” It’s astonishing how many average, boring, and mostly talentless people are out there hoping to one day win the social lottery and claim their fame and fortune.

Let’s say you did stumble upon the holy grail. There are only so many uninteresting celebrities that to whom people will pay attention. And, most people that quicky inherit financial success end up squandering it.

I’m not saying don’t follow your dreams. If you truly have a passion for something, go for it, but don’t waste your time wishing that one day, in a poof of smoke, you will magically become some rich and famous virtuoso. It’s alright, most people do not have books written about them. You don’t really want to be famous for nothing do you?

Truly Famous People

Here’s a list of the top 10 most famous people of all time:

  1. Albert Einstein
  2. George Washington
  3. William Shakespeare
  4. Abraham Lincoln
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci
  6. Elvis Presley
  7. Walt Disney
  8. Christopher Columbus
  9. John F. Kennedy
  10. Benjamin Franklin

How well do you know these people? It’s more likely that you know just one or two things they did. Does that truly sum them up?

Real Life Goals

Why not make more of what you are now? Be who you want to be, right now. Make an impact on the people you see every day. Even in the case of the most famous persons of all time, the people they were truly remembered by were their close ones.

What do you want to be remembered for; do you put a great importance on being famous?

I’d like to hear from some of our readers. How do you hope to be remembered?

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  • Cat Schwamm
    This is a tough question.

    This is the last day they have given my grandfather to live, so I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Specifically, I've been thinking of my grandfather as a hero. Here are a few of his key points:
    - He used to be the batboy for the Yankees when Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were on the team (in this sense, he was a hero to all the children his age)
    - He brought my grandmother back from England during World War II to marry her [sidenote: her dress was made of parachutes] (in this sense, he was a dashing American hero who wooed a country girl and brought her to the land of the free)
    - He and six of his brothers served in WWII at the same time; he earned a Purple Heart for his service [note: I don't know about the rest of them] (in this sense, he was a war hero who paid a price for his country for the rest of his life)
    - He was an active firefighter for 66 years (during which time he introduced a strapping young colleague to his most beautiful daughter), and only finally stopped when the cancer robbed him of his ability to stand a few months ago (in this sense, he was a hero for devoting his whole life to saving lives and homes, and for creating my life by introducing my parents)

    I don't even know how I'd want to be remembered. It's not as a hero, because I'm just no match for that ^^. I came here intending to write an actual answer, but in 13 minutes I haven't been able to think of one at all, hence the content of this comment. Dammit.
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