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This Week Reviewed

Here are some interesting things I’ve seen on the web this week.  They range from funny videos and science news, to movies and different web  apps.

Where the Wild Things Are

Surely, you know about Where the Wild Things Are.  This is an extremely well-known children’s book from the late 80′s.  It’s about a naughty boy in a wolf suit who ends up partying with all these monsters…and he doesn’t get ripped apart by these foul-looking beasts.  I do endorse Monster Insurance.

Although you get a lot of people out there complaining about how Hollywood capitalizes on and ruins their childhood memories, I’m actually pretty excited about the Where The Wild Things Are movie. Hey, it’s not directed by Michael Bay, so I think we’re all safe.  We’re lucky it’s Spike Jonez directing it.   Here’s the trailer.  Try to tell me it doesn’t look amazing.  By the way, the song playing in the trailer is Wake Up, by the Arcade Fire.

If you’re into data…

Legal drinking age around the world

While we’re on the topic of alcohol.

Beer as bio-fuel?

SCIENCE: Scientists film HIV spreading for first time.

Unitarded?  Sounds about right.

This video was posted on youtube last Friday, and already it’s gotten almost a million views.  What it left me with was a desire to get a blue or green unitard

Photo Fun

If you’re really into messing around with your photography, then take a break from editing pictures of yourself (narcissist?) and check out these 25 Websites to Have Fun with Your Photos.

Have you seen or heard about anything cool this week?

Let us know.  Respond by using the form below.

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