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A Gimp Without a Whimp

Rene Kirby

“A gimp without a whimp is a gimp who doesn’t feel sorry for himself.”

–Rene Kirby




Rene (pronounced Reen) Kirby is a 54 year-old Vermont native who, in addition to starring in two Farrelly brother’s films and making other tv appearances, has conducted speaking engagements around New England, and has written several screenplays.

It seems that Rene can’t stay put.  He leads a more active life than, say, people who weren’t born with spina bifida.  

  • skateboarding
  • football
  • softball
  • gymnastics
  • skiing
  • kayaking
  • dancing
  • carpentry
  • plumbing
  • welding
  • sandblasting
  • acting

“I had kissing scenes with every woman on set.”

Rene Kirby is best known for his role as Walt in the 2001 film, Shallow Hal.  In the movie, Rene plays a character, who, like himself, is outgoing, successful, and active.  They even make mention in the movie about Walt being born with spina bifida.  Since it’s a Farrelly brother’s film, they have to make a few cracks at it.

Don’t you ever get sick of it sometimes?
Sick of what?
The whole, “I walk on all fours so I own the world” thing.
 …Jeez! Give the guy a break! He’s got spina bifida!


Do I look like I have anything to complain about?
Not if you don’t mind bunions on your knuckles.


You ever walk through a truck-stop men’s room on your hands?


“If you don’t like what you see, turn your head.”

Rene’s no-nonsense attitude has earned him much respect.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity or demanding what he feels entitled to, he actually commits himself to action.  And he’s not above making light of situations or finding humor in what people would call setbacks.

Here’s an experiment for you.  Next time you sit around going, “Aw, Life, why can’t you make things work out for me? Come on, deal me something better. I deserve it.  How long are you gonna poop on me before passing my suffering on to someone else?”

I want you to visualize Rene Kirby, standing in front of you (on all fours), telling you to kiss his ass.

Stuck in Vermont w/ Rene Kirby







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One Comment

  1. Monsoon
    Posted Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 5:01 pm | Permalink

    Rene is a great patriot!

    Jeff Bales in Tucson

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