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A. J. Jacobs

The least interesting thing about A. J. Jacobs is that he is the editor at large for Esquire magazine. From reading an entire encyclopedia to outsourcing his life to India to truly being 100% truthful, this man has experienced and documented many strange and amazing trials.

His latest book, The Year of Living Biblically, was released in 2007. The book is a memoir of Jacobs’ experiment to live by the rules of the Bible as literally as possible. He followed not just the 10 commandments, but any and all rules found in the Old Testament. He grew a beard, he stoned adulterers, and he didn’t wear mixed fibers- just to name a few. This guy isn’t single either. You’ll find in many of his writings how his wife and sons come into play.

I really recommend any of his writings. He is smart, funny, whitty, and a great writer. For more information, check out The Official Web Site For A. J. Jacobs

Have you put yourself through any lifestyle experiments?

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