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My First Beer

by flickr user: respres

photo by flickr user: respres

When I was about six years old, I lived on a river road where people liked to speed. On one side of this dangerous road were the houses and on the other side was a steep embankment leading down to the river. This strictly limited the number of neighborhood kids I could hang out with.

On the south side of my house was Paul. He was big for his age, but was a couple years younger than me. On the north side was Marina. She was my age and I liked hanging out with her.

One day we were hanging out in her garage. Being young kids, we often imagined scenarios. This particular day we were pretending we were dogs. Wait, that’s not right. We were pretending that I was a dog and she was my owner. I would pant and bound around on all fours. She would tell me to be good and then she’d give me a treat. Since I was such a good doggy, we quickly ran out of M&M treats.

Soon, it was lunch time. Luckily, the refrigerator in the garage was stocked with all the things a growing dog-boy needs. Marina fixed me a bowl of food. I can still remember the distinct taste and the strange way I felt afterwards. I wonder if I was the first person to eat a bowl full of beer and bacon bits.

When did you have your first beer?

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  1. Posted Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    Glad I’ve finally found soetmnhig I agree with!

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