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Ode To Whister, BC


Brad On Whistler Mountain

I almost didn’t come home. Whistler exceeded my expectations. I have been lucky enough to do a good bit a traveling in my life. Only a few times has a place felt like it could be home. The interesting thing is, it’s not uncommon for people to feel this way about BC.

People from all over the world visit, and then soon call it home. During my trip I met people from The Netherlands, England, Australia, Germany, India, Taiwan, New Zealand, The United States, and of course, Canada. That’s not counting the tourists.


Canada, Tiwan, The Netherlands, and The USA

What’s great about this place being such a melting pot is the great appreciation for cultural representation through art. There were many art galleries, photography studios, live music. So, in addition to the great landscape, the culture and people were amazing.

Why Whistler?

I asked as many I as I could about what they thought about other snow sports destinations. I got great info about Utah, Colorado, The Alps, Japan, and more. Then I asked them if they had such good things to say about these other place, why were they at Whistler? They would simply reply, “It’s the best”. Other places can offer good this or that, but Whistler has it all. I even got the low-down on the off season. They said there was still tons to do.

Fitting In

Every store or restaurant seemed like they had playlists from my ipod. If I was going clothes shopping, it was easy to find my styles. It was just too easy for me to fit in. After the second day I didn’t know what to think. My brother-in-law and sister spoke up and said, “Brad, this seems like a place you would live.” I was grocery shopping and they were playing Franz Ferdinand.

If I was there a week later I could have been there for the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival. I am a sucker for arts, adventure sports, and music and this place seemed like Mecca for all of the above.


If you couldn’t tell already. I loved it. I could write a book on all of the great elements of this place, but I think my ecstatic rant will do fine for now. Maybe I’ll continue to revisit this post to update it more and more.

Check out Vancouver and Whistler for yourself. If you start planning a trip, let me know. Maybe I’ll go with you, but I might not come back!

Sometime soon I’ll be posting a full gallery of my trip on my personal site,

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  1. Posted Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 6:17 am | Permalink

    I bow down hmbluy in the presence of such greatness.

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