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Why do you build me up, buttercup?

unexpectedWhen you meet someone new, it’s nice when you build a little rapport. Maybe they earn a little of your admiration, but then it happens. They do a little something that takes them down a notch.


A – I’m thinking about getting a new phone.
B – Oh yeah?
A – Yeah, it is riddled with features. It’s crazy what they can do with phones now.
B – I agree. A friend of mine has a phone that’s waterproof.
A – That’s neat.
B – Yeah, it even has a voice filter, so you can’t tell when the person is under water.

See, this is where many would catch-on to the joke. But if they don’t, it’s one of those things that causes you to lose a little respect for them. You can liken this to how relationships end on Seinfeld.

What’s interesting  is that the person has fooled you, and sometimes it makes you question yourself. How did this person get this far without you noticing their lack of sense of humor and wit? Or, how did I not notice this person picks their teeth with business cards? Or, how is that after all of this, this person finds it acceptable to clip their toenails at the dinner table?

Can you recall any instances similar to this? While getting to know someone, what tipped you off that they were “one of those” kind of people- whatever that might mean.

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